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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
Issue Time:2018-01-02
Carbon Block Filter Cartridge and it's application

KTMT Carbon block filter  is a new type depth cartridge which formed using extruding carbon fines and food-grade binders. The carbon filter has good adsorb ability as the udf carbon filter and will have no carbon fine releasing problem and give out a fine filtration. It could remove the organic matter, particles,rust,chlorine and peculiar smell etc.


1. Good resistance to chemicals and organic solvent.

2. It has the ability of adsorption, filtration, hold up and catalyst at same time.

3. High efficiency, high flow, low pressure drop, high pressure resistance, high dirt holding capacity, no secondary pollution.

4. Easy to install and dismount, a good replacement to GAC or UDF carbon filter.

Main applications


The carbon block filter can be widely used in liquid filtration of pure water, plating solution, printed circuir boards, solvents, paint, detergent, medicine, drinking, beverage and wine, etc.