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Specification & Dimension of Hi-Flow Filter cartridge/KTMT Filter

Specification & Dimension of Hi-Flow Filter cartridge/KTMT Filter
Update Time:2017-08-16


The Hi-Flow Filter cartridge is a new product of water filter cartridge. It has a 6 inch/152mm large diameter, and is coreless, single open-ended with an inside to outside flow pattern. The large diameter with big filter area can reduce the number of filter cartridges and the dimension of housing required. The end cap and the filter layer are made of hot soldering, there is no adhesive, so there is a wide range of chemical compatibility, can be applied in many fields. Besides, the long service life and high flow rate result in low investment and less manpower cost in many applications.


Outside Diameter:

6 inch(152mm)


20 inch(508mm),40 inch(1016mm),60 inch(1524mm)

Filter media:

Pleated glass fiber
Pleated depth Polypropylene (PP)
PP Melt blown


Polypropylene (PP)

End caps : 

Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene

Seal Material :


Removal Rating: 

1 µm , 4.5 µm , 6 µm , 10 µm ,20 µm ,40 µm ,70 µm,100µm

Maximum Operating Temperature: 

Pleated glass fiber:121°C

Pleated PP: 82°C

Melt Blown PP: 65°C

Maximum Differential Pressure:

Pleated glass fiber:3.4 4Bar at 121°C

Pleated PP: 3.44Bar at 82°C

Melt Blown:1.03Bar at 65°C

Recommended Change out Differential Pressure:

2.5Bar at 20°C

Suggested maximum Flow of water: 

20 inch length: 660LPM  

40 inch length: 1,300LPM

60 inch length: 1,900LPM


1)    Pre-filtration of RO system

2)    Pre-purification treatment of all kinds of industrial water

3)    General industries: pre-treatment of all kinds of process liquid, condensed water, cooling water, and waste water

4)    Food and beverage industries: drinking water, wine, high Fructose, edible oil, soft drinks, and milk

5)    Chemical and petrochemical industries: all kinds of acids, alkalis, solvents, quench water, salt water and other chemical drugs

6)    Power plant: fill water, condensation water


-- Gradient pore structure

-- The maximum size of the filter system can be reduced by 50%
-- Up to 110M3/H flow rate per filter cartridge for water filtration.
-- Maximum 50% reduction of filter system
-- 20 inch /528mm,40inch/1022mm and 60 inch/1538mm lengths are available
-- All contaminants can be removed within the cartridge due to the flow direction.