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Specification & Dimension of SeaBallast Water Filter Element

Specification & Dimension of SeaBallast Water Filter Element
Update Time:2017-08-16

Sea/Ballast Water Filter Element

Product : Ballast(Sea)water filter element

Material :316L,2507

Filter media : 5 layers sintered metal mesh

Filtration accuracy : 30-80 um or as your need

Size : 100*1000mm or as your need

Packing : Wooden box or carton

Working temperature : -30-300

Maximum pressure different : 0.5(MPa)

Produce time : 7 days

MOQ : 50 pcs


* The filter element is made of super duplex stainless steel with high strength, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance
* Good filtration performance, 2-200um filter particle size can play a uniform surface filtration performance
* Uniform pores,Precise filtration accuracy
* Large flow per unit area
* Stainless steel filter element for low temperature, high temperature environment can be used after cleaning, free replacement
* Long service life