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Specification & Dimension of Hydraulic Filter Element/KTMT Filter

Specification & Dimension of Hydraulic Filter Element/KTMT Filter
Update Time:2017-08-16

Product Hydraulic filter element

Type : Fold

Material : Stainless Steel , Glass Fibre , Filter Paper

Brand : BH

Size : As your need

Mesh : As your need

DN : 12~200 mm

Use : Hydraulic Fluid,lube


1. Material

* stainless steel wire mesh 
* plant fiber filter paper
* Inorganic fiber composite filter paper

* Epoxy coated wire mesh (as the support layer)
Note: Its our advantage ,the support of the filter element is epoxy coated wire mesh , we have produce line for it .

2. Descriptions

* Structure 
(1) Cap
(2) Skeleton
(3) Filter layer
(4) Support layer
(5) Sealing element

* Product classification 
(1)According to the installation position classification : 
a. Oil suction filter
b. Return oil filter element
c. Pressure line filter
(2)According to the material classification :
a. Inorganic fiber composite filter element
b. Paper filter
c. Metal mesh filter
* Size  
According to the needs of customers

* Filter accuracy 
Filter element hydraulic pump oil suction pipe : 100 um
An oil outlet of the oil pump on oil pipeline filter hydraulic pump : 10um~15um
pressure duct : 5um / 10um 
Note : The different installation location need different filter accuracy element , it will affect the life of the product and the normal operation of the machine . We can provide technical support for customers
* Working temperature 
*Processing method
Cutting, folding, the compressive strength and flexural strength, edge clamp, assembly, bonding, packaging and high precision must to do bubble test, special structure or materials need to be cured

The hydraulic oil hydraulic machinery like blood, with the transmission power, reduce the friction between the components, isolation of the worn surface, superficial pollutants, oxidation control element surface, cooling and other functions. The hydraulic components of hydraulic oil hydraulic filter is a key link.
Solid pollutants, contaminants outside intrusion, internally generated pollutants, maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of pollution are sources of pollution. It will bring serious harm to the hydraulic machinery, hydraulic oil in high temperature and high pressure in the long-term use of hydraulic filter, caused by oil spills, reducing the mechanical use of life, thus increasing the maintenance cost and large production cost.
Because of this, we must strengthen the control of the hydraulic oil pollution, to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. We focus on prevention treatment, such as: the use of ultra filtration device, in the process of mechanical operation such as: hydraulic professional manufacturers The oil filter, at any time oil contaminant removal, long-term to maintain the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system cleanliness operation, that nature is to reduce the due to all kinds of evils caused by oil pollution, produce the effect of prevention, an increase of the service life of the hydraulic machinery and hydraulic components, reduces the failure rate of the machinery. In order to save energy and reduce the cost.
4. Unique advantages (Only our factory can provide)
* In additon to high quality regular product , we can also produce special  shaped hydraulic filter element .
* We have a number of professional R & D professionals in the industry, so  we can design for you free of charge for your filter .
* We have a sound quality management system.
* Professional personnel to track the use of products,do pre sales and after-sales service.
* Products with quality problems, we are free to replace the product
5. Application
*Metallurgy: used for steel rolling mill, hydraulic system of continuous casting machine filter and filtration of all kinds of lubrication equipment.
*Petrochemical: the separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in the process of refining, chemical production, liquid purification, magnetic tape, optical disc and photographic film in the manufacture of purification, oilfield water injection and gas in addition to particle filter.
*Textile: polyester melt in the drawing process of purification and uniform filter, air compressor protection filter, compressed gas of oil removing water.
*Electronics and pharmaceuticals: reverse osmosis water, de ionized water to be treated by filtration, wash liquid and glucose pretreatment filter.
*Mechanical processing equipment: paper machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machine and large precision machinery lubrication system and compressed air purification, tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment dust recovery filter.
*Railway internal combustion engines and generators: filtration of lubricating oil and oil.
*Automotive engines and construction machinery, ships, trucks with a variety of hydraulic oil filter