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Specification & Dimension of Filter Bag Cages/KTMT Filter

Specification & Dimension of Filter Bag Cages/KTMT Filter
Update Time:2017-08-16

Filter Bag Cages


Circle type,Oval type,Flat type,Special-shaped


Carbon steel,Galvanized steel wire,Stainless steel,Titanium wire

Finish treatment

Galvanized,organic silicon spray,anti-corrosion treatment

The number of longitudinal bar

8~24 wires(Circle Type),10~16 wires (Oval Type)


Single section type bag cage,screw joint type,double wire PJE type,single wire PJE type,etc


The filter bag cage is the support of filter bag and it should be light and easy for installation and maintenance. The quality of filter cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. Every cage we make can meet the requirement for tightness, smoothness and uprightness.

Bage cage support ring spacing is 150-200mm,The cage support bar is 8,10,12,14,16 pieces . Cage's all welding joints should be welding firm ,does not allow sealing off ,virtual welding and leakage welding.The surface of the cage contacted filter bag should be smooth and clean,does not allow the welding scar ,uneven and burr. Cage surface must be treated with a preservative ,may be treated by electroplating ,spray or paint according to different requirements ,If it is used for high temperature,its corrosion resistance should meet the related working temperature .Perpendicularity tolerance should be as negative tolerance .