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Specification & Dimension of Dust Filter Bag/KTMT Filter

Specification & Dimension of Dust Filter Bag/KTMT Filter
Update Time:2017-08-16

PP Filter Bag

Raw Material





OEM Welcomed

Filter Rating


Ring Model

SS316,SS304,Felt,Zinc Coated


Antioxidant, stable,harmless,acid proof,alkali-resisting,etc

Pressure Loss






Working Time


Dust Type

Dry, Fibrous




Flame-retardant,anti-static,anti-water,oil proof, self-cleaning,PTFE filmed,etc

Processing Way



Food,chemical,oil,gas,medicine,steel making workshop,etc


1) The fume and smoke treatment and particle removing system in metallurgy plant 

2) Smoke filtration in garbage burning, coal-feed boiler,power plant 

3) Asphalt concrete mixture, cements, ceramics, building materials

4) Dust treatment, purification and collection in electronics, mining, flour and timber processing. 


How to choose a filter bag?

According to the humidity, dusty gases is divided into three states:


(1.)When relative humidity under 30% relative humidity, it is dry gas.

(2.)Between 30% - 80%, It is the general condition.

(3.) Above 80%, it is high wet gas.


For high wet gas under high temperature condition, especially the gas contains a SOx, gas cooling can produce condensation phenomenon. This will not only make the filter bag surface fouling and plugging, but also corrode structure material. It needs special attention:


(1) Moisture gas to capture the surface of the filter bag dust wetting coherence, especially for water imbibition, deliquescence and wet dust, it will cause the paste filter bag. Therefore, we should choose polyamide fiber with smooth surface such as glass fiber material and appropriate use of filter material silicone oil, fluorocarbon resin dip, or the surface of the filter material using acrylic acid, such as teflon coating processing. Plastic plate and the effect of burning material has excellent resistance to moisture and ash removal performance.


(2) When the high temperature and high wet exist at the same time, it will effect the temperature resistance of filter material, especially for nylon, polyester, and amide hydrolysis stability such as material, should be avoided as much as possible.


(3) In wet gas containing dust filter bag used design of circular filter bag, do not use complicated shape, arrangement is very compact filter bag filter bag, and the diamond (except burning plastic board).


(4) Precipitator dust gas temperature should be higher than gas dew point temperature 30 degree.